Past Website-Problems

I am very sorry for the mess here. But I have had a bit of a major problem with the website being taken over by a hacker. So I had to take it down in its entirety and restart from scratch.

And I used that restart to also give the page a new look and feel. I do hope you all like it. And before I start hearing complaints. Yes I know the page is not yet fully back where it should be. There is loads of work involved here and I need more time then I have right now. But I am happy that the page is up where it is now. Any helpfull suggestions are highly appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

What is missing here in your opinion?

What shall I add?

I am open for any and all info you can give me and will think about how it does help me along and how to implement it.

So all I can say for now is to please be patient and do not worry. Work is in progress and will hopefully lead to a great and fascinating webpage.

Thank you

Der Fetigraf

My Blog

Dear readers,

this will be the space for my blog.
I know that for now it is pretty empty. But please stay tuned here. There is more to come, I promise.

Let me know what you would love to see here? Shall I will take you with me on shootings? Or which ideas and wishes do you have?

Have that bit of patience with me. Work is in progress!